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You will be provided with a free quote before the beginning of your translation work and after your reference documents are evaluated. This means no nasty surprises for you!


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Translation is not just about words. Translation is also about reproducing the tone of the source text and adapting it to perfectly suit the context, audience and type of text.

Once the translation process has finished, I always re-check the text according to your instructions using professional quality checking software.

A revision by a second translator is also possible upon request.

Proofreading / Review

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Proofreading. By comparing the translated text against the original, proofreading (or revision) consists of checking the language (spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos, etc.), terminology (errors, mistranslations, etc.), style (rephrasing necessary to match the required tone), or other issues specific to translation (omissions, additions, etc.).

Monolingual review. With this service, the target text is not checked against the source. Depending on the quality, format and complexity of the document, a monolingual review is often quicker than a revision/proofreading.




Technical manuals
User guides


Technical manuals
Leaflets and commercial documents
Staff training documents
Parts and components
New technologies


Online help
Specialised articles
Agricultural and construction machines

Agricultural and construction machines

Loaders and ground-work buckets
Combine harvesters
Commercial presentations


Business correspondence
Marketing support documents
Training documents
Press releases


Terms & Conditions

Who am I?

Having been working as a freelance translator for more than 4 years, I only translate from English and Italian into French, my native language.
Holding a Master's degree in Specialised Multilingual Translation (TSM - Traduction Spécialisée Multilingue) from the University of Lille 3, France (label EMT, European Master’s of Translation), I worked and studied in Italy as well as the UK, where I have developed an excellent insight into the cultural and social aspects of my working languages.
Additionally, my experience in project management within different European translation agencies has given me the necessary in-depth understanding of translation processes and issues, well beyond the theoretical notions I excelled in during my Master's degree.
I specialise in technical, automotive and IT fields, for which I have processed about 2,500,000 words.
I will be undertake your translation with rigour, reactivity and punctuality, while applying a strict non-disclosure policy.

My CV and references are available upon request.


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In order to process your request with the most accurate quote, I would recommend providing the following:

  • •   Source and target languages
  • •   Type of text and field
  • •   Required delivery date and specific instructions
  • •   Contact details
  • •   Documents to be translated
  • •   Any related documents (references, glossaries, source files, style guides, etc.)

Rest assured that any information or documents provided will remain strictly confidential.

Contact details
  •            +33 (0)6 89 07 49 20
  •            merlot_loic
  •            71 rue de Tournai
              59780 Baisieux, France
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